Lessons from Nudges to drive Flu Vaccinations – what can we apply to the COVID-19 Vaccine and beyond?

Vaccination has been a hot topic over the past year. When will they be ready? Are they safe? Are ... Read More >>>

How Do We Nudge Patients to Follow Through with Appointments? 4 Behavioral Strategies

An Urgent Need for Efficiency in the Healthcare System Our acute response to the COVID-19 ... Read More >>>

How the intangibility of credit changes the way we spend money

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend toward electronic payments. With lockdowns, many ... Read More >>>

How Behavioral Insights can unlock the full potential of personal finance apps

Computer and mobile device apps focused on personal finance have proven popular and represent a ... Read More >>>

Buy Now Pay Later – Why it’s a double-edged sword from a behavioral science perspective

Consumer loans for major purchases have been widely available since the last century. Consumers ... Read More >>>

How the Scarcity mindset changes people's financial decision-making and what to do about it

COVID-19 has not affected all segments of the economy equally. In what is being referred to as a ... Read More >>>

A Behavioral Lens on Credit in the New Normal

Borrowing, spending, and saving in the COVID-19 era – top 5 trends and challenges to watch Read More >>>

One simple way to increase credit-card repayments using BE

Credit card debt is an enormous problem. In 2019, the overall credit card balances in Canada ... Read More >>>

BEworks Conversations with Christina Bauer-Plank: How Hellmann's is reducing food waste with behavioral science

Global Brand Vice President, Hellmann’s at Unilever Christina is Global Brand Vice President at ... Read More >>>

Nudging World Leaders to Combat Climate Change: Lessons from a New Game Theory Experiment on Treaty Negotiation Policies

Over the past few years, leaders and policy makers seeking to change their citizens’ behaviors have ... Read More >>>
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